Broadcast Wave Properties

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Broadcast Wave Properties

Now that your project is ready to be exported, it might be a good time to add information about who created the files. This is done through the Broadcast Wave properties. The information you enter here will be embedded in all the digital audio recordings/ renderings you do, until you decide otherwise . Think of it as a way to protect your property by letting everyone who uses a file you created know you are the actual owner. Broadcast wave information contains three basic fields: a description, an author, and a timestamped reference.

How To

To enter information that will be embedded in broadcast wave files:

  1. Select File(PC)/Cubase(Mac) > Preferences from the menu bar.

  2. Under Record, select Broadcast Wave. The Record-Broadcast Wave panel will appear in the right portion of the dialog box (see Figure 15.2).

    Figure 5.2. The Broadcast Wave information panel.


  3. Enter any information you want in these fields. Remember that this information will be embedded in the audio files.

  4. Check the options below when you want to include the information you entered in the type of file identified next to the option.

  5. Click Apply then OK.

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