Creating user accounts

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Create the user accounts (maestro and operha) after the shared disk storage is configured and tested.

  • maestro

    The maestro account must be created on both machines while the volume group/file system is mounted to the machine. This means mounting the file system, creating the account, un-mounting the file system, logging onto the next machine in the cluster, mounting the file system on the second machine, creating the maestro account, and then un-mounting the file system.

  • operha

    The operha account is an account to log into other than the maestro account (currently we are using an opermps account). The operha account is important because there are moments where we will need access to one or all nodes in the cluster, but we should be logged in as maestro because we would not have access to the shared file systems (opt/tws). Also, during a failover procedure, a user logged in as maestro will create problems as the system tries to un-mount the /opt/tws file system.


Because the users are created on both machines, they must have their userids synchronized across both machines. This is critical to the successful configuration of a cluster.

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