A.1 Web Services Portals

The following portals contain a variety of Web Services sites with news, technical articles, and white papers. They not only provide some technical resources, but also references to other Web Services links. They are good starters.

ebXML.org. http://www.ebxml.org/

LearnXMLWS. http://www.vbws.com/

O'Reilly XML.com. http://www.xml.com/

SOAPRPC. http://www.soaprpc.com/

Value-added Web Service Suppliers. http://www.vawss.org/

Web Services Architect. http://www.webservicesarchitect.com/resources.asp

WebServices .org. http://www.webservices.org/

Xmethods. http://www.xmethods.net/

XML.org. http://www.xml.org/xml/news_market.shtml

J2EE Platform Web Services
J2EE Platform Web Services
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Year: 2002
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