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GET method (HTTP/REST)   2nd   3rd  
GET operation (REST)   2nd  
GET request (HTTP)   2nd   3rd  
get_assertionStatusReport call (UDDI)  
get_authToken call (UDDI)  
get_basic_credentials method (SOAP::Lite)  
get_bindingDetail query routine (UDDI)  
get_businessDetail query routine (UDDI)  
get_businessDetailExt query routine (UDDI)  
get_entries method (SOAP)  
get_method (RPC::XML::Server)   2nd  
get_publisherAssertions call (UDDI)  
get_registeredInfo call (UDDI)  
get_server method (Apache::RPC::Server)  
get_serviceDetail query routine (UDDI)  
get_tModelDetail call (UDDI)   2nd  
Getopt::Long method (UDDI::Lite)  
Getopt::Std method  
global attributes   2nd  
global positioning system (GPS)  
global variables   2nd  
GNU Zip compression algorithm  
go element (WS-Referral)  
GPS (global positioning system)  
granularity of interface  

Programming Web Services with Perl
Programming Web Services with Perl
ISBN: 0596002068
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2000
Pages: 123

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