Management information system (MIS)

A system created specifically to store and provide information to managers.

Management science

One branch of the quantitative school. Develops advanced mathematical and statistical tools and techniques for managers.

Matrix management, matrix structure

A hybrid structure that essentially is a project organization superimposed over a functional organization with multiple reporting structures.

Meeting management

Improving the meeting process.

Meeting minutes

Brief, accurate notes of what was discussed in a meeting and the decisions made.

Meeting process

Creating and distributing advance agendas; delineating roles such as leader, facilitator, and scribe; recording and sharing useful meeting minutes; evaluating the meeting process with an eye toward improvement; and completing agreed-upon tasks between meetings.


A trusted counselor or teacher.


A significant event in the project, usually completion of a major deliverable.

Milestone plan

A summary level plan that identifies major milestones.

Mission statement

A written summary describing why an organization exists.


To watch closely the progress of the project; to capture, analyze, and report project performance.


The state of the spirits of a person or group as exhibited by confidence, cheerfulness, discipline, and willingness to perform assigned project tasks.


To provide with an incentive.


Method whereby each participant votes for whichever approach he or she prefers. The group then progressively removes first the impractical approaches and then the practical but not quite ideal approaches.

Project Leadership
Project Leadership
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