List of Tables

Chapter 3: Instantiating Objects

Table 3.1: Repository details for the lang factory
Table 3.2: Package and class details (legend: [collections] = org.apache.commons.collections).
Table 3.3: Repository details for the Discovery package.
Table 3.4: Package and class details (legend: [discovery] = org.apache.commons.discovery).
Table 3.5: Repository details for the Launcher factory.
Table 3.6: Package and class details (legend: [launcher] = org.apache.commons.launcher).

Chapter 4: Scalability

Table 4.1: Repository details for the Pool package.
Table 4.2: Package and class details (legend: [pool] = org.apache.commons.pool).
Table 4.3: Repository details for the Threadpool package.
Table 4.4: Package and class details (legend: [threadp] = org.apache.commons.threadpool).

Chapter 5: Serialization of Java Objects

Table 5.1: Repository details for the SQL package.
Table 5.2: Package and class details (legend: [lang] = org.apache.commons.lang).
Table 5.3: Repository details for the betwixt package.
Table 5.4: Package and class details (legend: [lang] = org.apache.commons.betwixt).
Table 5.5: Repository details for the Jakarta Lucen e program.
Table 5.6: Package and class details (legend: [lucene] = org.apache. lucene ).

Chapter 6: Messages and Asynchronous Processing

Table 6.1: Repository details for the threading factory.
Table 6.2: Package and class details (legend: [threading] = org.apache.commons.threading).
Table 6.3: Repository details for the messenger package.
Table 6.4: Package and class details (legend: [messenger] = org.apache.commons.messenger, [messagelet] = org.apache.commons.messagelet, [jms] = javax.jms).
Table 6.5: Repository details for the Services package.
Table 6.6: Package and class details (legend: [services] =

Chapter 7: Collections and Searching for Objects

Table 7.1: Repository details for the Beanutils package.
Table 7.2: Package and class details (legend: [ utils ] = org.apache.commons.beanutils).
Table 7.3: Repository details for the Collections package.
Table 7.4: Repository details for the JXPath package.
Table 7.5: Package and class details (legend: [jxpath] = org.apache.commons.jxpath).

Chapter 8: Configuration and Logging

Table 8.1: Repository details for the cli package.
Table 8.2: Package and class details (legend: [cli] = org.apache.commons.cli).
Table 8.3: Command line option syntax and whether or not it can be parsed by a specific parser ( BasicParser , GnuParser , and PosixParser ).
Table 8.4: Repository details for the Digester package.
Table 8.5: Package and class details (legend: [digester] = org.apache.commons.digester).
Table 8.6: XML elements and the command line parsers implementations that can parse the arguments.
Table 8.7: Repository details for Logging package
Table 8.8: Package and class details (legend: [logging] = org.apache.commons.logging).

Chapter 9: Computer Algorithms

Table 9.1: Repository details for the functor factory.
Table 9.2: Package and class details (legend: [functor] = org.apache.commons.functor).
Table 9.3: Repository details for the lang package.
Table 9.4: Package and class details (legend: [lang] = org.apache.commons.lang).
Table 9.5: Repository details for the validator package.
Table 9.6: Package and class details (legend: [validator] = org.apache.commons.validator).

Chapter 10: Distributed Internet Services

Table 10.1: Major Axis Web Service application files and purpose (legend: [axis] axis web application installation directory).

Chapter 11: Project Management

Table 11.1: Repository details for the JUnit package.
Table 11.2: Package and class details of the JUnit toolkit.
Table 11.3: Different ways of making a selection in a file set.

Appendix A: Making Decisions Quantifiable

Table A.1: Example Problematic Matrix Version 1
Table A.2: Example Problematic Matrix Version 2
Table A.3: Example Problematic Matrix Version 3
Table A.4: Bugs raised and bugs fixed timeline

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