List of Figures

Chapter 4: Scalability

Figure 4.1: An example of JMP windows showing method calls, memory usage, and object usage.
Figure 4.2: A saw tooth pattern that shows memory usage.
Figure 4.3: Object profiling.

Chapter 11: Project Management

Figure 11.1: A dialog box that shows how to enter the CVSROOT parameters.
Figure 11.2: The context menu you use to upload a new module to the repository.
Figure 11.3: The dialog box that is used to tweak how files are imported.
Figure 11.4: Description details for a specific file type.
Figure 11.5: Module repository details.
Figure 11.6: The Import Options tab of the dialog box Import Settings, with Create CVS directories while importing checked.
Figure 11.7: The appearance of the CVS control sources.
Figure 11.8: A dialog box used to check out sources.
Figure 11.9: Selecting a specific date, branch, or tag of the sources to check out.
Figure 11.10: Selecting the context menu for an individual file item.
Figure 11.11: The dialog box Update Settings.
Figure 11.12: Committing changes for a specific file or directory set.
Figure 11.13: A highlighted file that is not part of the CVS repository.
Figure 11.14: Toolbar buttons to select when youre adding a file.
Figure 11.15: Log of changes graphically shown in wincvs.
Figure 11.16: Tagging a specific file.
Figure 11.17: The dialog box Create Tag Settings.
Figure 11.18: Change log file showing ReleaseVersion.
Figure 11.19: Branching a specific file.
Figure 11.20: Selecting a module to check out and update.
Figure 11.21: Selecting a branch to merge.
Figure 11.22: Using a conflict editor to merge two files.

Appendix A: Making Decisions Quantifiable

Figure A.1: A graphical representation of the total bugs raised and total bugs fixed statistics.

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