Chapter 15: Condor: A Distributed Job Scheduler


Todd Tannenbaum, Derek Wright, Karen Miller, Erik Paulson, and Miron Livny

Condor is a sophisticated and unique distributed job scheduler developed by the Condor research project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Computer Sciences.

Condor is open-source software, under the very liberal Condor Public License. The program binaries, documentation, and source code may all be found on the Condor project's Web site at Support contracts are available from several different sources; for additional information see The Condor Public License permits installation, use, reproduction, display, modification and redistribution of Condor, with or without modification, in source and binary forms.

This chapter introduces all aspects of Condor, from its ability to satisfy the needs and desires of both submitters and resource owners, to the management of Condor on clusters. Following an overview of Condor and Condor's ClassAd mechanism is a description of Condor from the user's perspective. The architecture of the software is presented along with overviews of installation and management. The chapter ends with configuration scenarios specific to clusters.

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