Managing Group Calendars

From the Group Calendars View, any selected Group Calendar can be edited or deleted.

Editing a Group Calendar involves changing the members or the title. You select the Group Calendar and click the Edit Action button. The New Group Calendar dialog box appears, so you can add or remove members or modify the title of the Group Calendar. Make your changes, and click OK.

To delete a Group Calendar, select it in the Group Calendars folder and then click the Delete button on the Action bar. The Group Calendar document disappears but can be seen in the Trash folder in Mail. Permanently remove the Group Calendar when you refresh your view, exit the mail database, or click Empty Trash on the Action bar of the Trash folder. Confirm the deletion.

In this chapter you learned how to work with group calendaring and how to schedule, manage, and accept or decline meeting invitations. In the next chapter you learn how to work with To Do items.

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