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A dip Reference

Although widely used, dip hasn't been very well documented yet. In this section, we will therefore give a reference for most of dip's commands. You can get an overview of all commands it provides by invoking dip in test mode, and entering the help command. To find out about the syntax of a command, you may enter it without any arguments; of course this does not work with commands that take no arguments.
            DIP> help            DIP knows about the following commands:                    databits default  dial     echo     flush                    get      goto     help     if       init                    mode     modem    parity   print    port                    reset    send     sleep    speed    stopbits                    term     wait            DIP> echo            Usage: echo on|off            DIP>   
Throughout the following, examples that display the DIP> prompt show how to enter a command in test mode, and what output it produces. Examples lacking this prompt should be taken as script excerpts.

  • The Modem Commands
  • echo and term
  • The get Command
  • The print Command
  • Variable Names
  • The if and goto Commands
  • send, wait and sleep
  • mode and default

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