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The serial line protocols, SLIP and PPP, provide the Internet connectivity for the poor. Apart from a modem and a serial board equipped with a FIFO-buffer, no hardware is needed. Using it is not much more complicated than a mailbox, and an increasing number of private organizations offer dial-up IP at an affordable cost to everyone.

There are both SLIP and PPP drivers available for . SLIP has been there for quite a while, and works fairly reliable. A PPP driver has been developed recently by Michael Callahan and Al Longyear. It will be described in the next chapter.

  • General Requirements
  • SLIP Operation
  • Using dip
    • A Sample Script
    • A dip Reference
      • The Modem Commands
      • echo and term
      • The get Command
      • The print Command
      • Variable Names
      • The if and goto Commands
      • send, wait and sleep
      • mode and default
  • Running in Server Mode

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The Network Administrators' Guide
Linux Network Administrators Guide (2nd Edition)
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