Chapter 3. Get the Picture: Capturing Video


4 About Video Capture

5 Capture Digital Video Using FireWire

6 Capture Digital Video Using USB

7 Control Your DV Camcorder During Capture

8 Capture Analog Video

9 Capture Video or Audio Only

10 Capture to the Timeline or Media Panel

11 View Captured Clips

12 About Troubleshooting Capture Problems

Before you can edit your video, you need to somehow get it into your computera process known as capturing. (There are means of getting media into your computer other than traditional capture, however. See 14 Add Media with the Adobe Media Downloader.)

In this chapter, you'll see the ways Premiere Elements can turn the video in your camcorder into video files on your computer. And then you'll learn how to troubleshoot problems when things don't go quite as smoothly as they should.

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Adobe Premiere Elements 2 in a Snap
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