Chapter 1: The XMLSPY Game


In This Chapter

  • Understanding XML and XML Schemas

  • Examining XML in the industry

  • Looking at the Software Development Lifecycle Model

  • Finding out how to obtain XMLSPY 5 and how to install it

The ability to work with XML technologies is an important requirement for programmers, Web developers, and database administrators today. Because of the explosive growth of many different (yet interrelated) XML technologies employed across so many different software application platforms, however, it is a challenge to become well-versed enough to design and program XML-based applications.

This hands-on book is about accelerating the XML learning curve and enabling you to become technically proficient at actually editing and working with all kinds of XML documents with the help of XMLSPY—a powerful XML Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used by a community of over one million developers world-wide. In this chapter, I present an overview of the key XML technologies, how they are used in industry today, and I tell you how to install and get started using XMLSPY 5.


If you are already familiar with XML technologies and know how to obtain and install XMLSPY, you might want to jump to Chapter 2, which covers XML editing with XMLSPY 5.

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