1. Defined as number of times at least one person from the whole climbing expedition had reached a summit. Most expeditions make it up to the third or the fourth (generally the last camp before the summit) base camps and have to abandon their attempts due to poor weather.

  2. Treks can be customized to fit the needs of a particular group as well. However, most people opt for the standard 10 treks, which generally covered all the major mountain ranges. All of these were offered by Himalayan Adventures.

  3. Cultural Safari's are generally 5+-day jeep rides to and from major tourist destinations in the Northern Areas and are customized for each group—generally no more than four people per group.

  4. A company by the name of Adventure Tours Pakistan already offers this kind of adventure opportunity to the 1st Battalion 51st Highland Rangers of UK Army by taking a 25-member team every summer to a 23-day 105km Baltoro Glacier Trek.

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