Chapter VII: E-Commerce Security and the Law

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Assafa Endeshaw, PhD
Nanyang Business School


Dr. Assafa Endeshaw has Ph.D. and LLM degrees from London University, and his LLB degree from Ababa University. His work at London University centered on intellectual property policy and technology-related legal disciplines such as information technology and transfer of technology laws as well as in international trade and franchising. He was previously a legal attorney and advisor in government departments, and a researcher and consultant in a law firm in Ethiopia.

Dr. Assafa has written more than 35 major articles and presented upwards of 17 conference papers that have appeared in publications across Asia, Europe and America. He has authored Intellectual Property Policy for Non-Industrial Countries (Dartmouth, 1996), Intellectual Property in China: The Roots of the Problem of Enforcement (Acumen, 1996), (jointly) Marketing and Consumer Law in Singapore (1999) and Internet and E-Commerce Law: With a Focus on Asia-Pacific (Prentice Hall, 2001). His areas of interest are: intellectual property, information technology (including regulation of the Internet and e-commerce), international trade law, franchising law, transfer of technology law and consumer protection law

Presently, he is an Associate Professor of Law at the Nanyang Business School of the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

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