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True. kcmond is an add-on kernel resource monitor for the EMS subsystem.


False. It is the startup script /sbin/init.d/syslogd that renames existing logfiles. If we add any additional logfiles to /etc/syslog.conf , it may be appropriate to update or create a new startup script to rename them.


False. EMS hardware monitors simply monitor resources. When an event occurs, the monitor will simply report the event. The monitor has no memory of what state the device was in before and, hence, the monitor cannot make a decision as to whether the status of the device has changed. It is the job of the Peripheral Status Monitor to report whether a device has changed status. PSM receives messages from the hardware monitors and makes decisions accordingly .


False. The monconfig command cannot be used to set up EMS HA Monitors. The monconfig command is used to set up basic hardware monitors.


False. Not all HPMCs are caused by hardware problems. While the tombstone file is a useful source of information, the resulting crashdump is vital in order for the HP engineer to fully diagnose the cause of the problem.

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