Creating successful workbooks is not always a solitary venture; you may need to share a workbook with others or get data from other programs before a project is complete. In Microsoft Office Excel 2003, you have several choices that you can use to create a joint effort. In many offices, your co-workers (and their computers) are located across the country or the world. They are joined through networks that permit users to share information by opening each other's files and to simultaneously modify data.

Microsoft Office Excel 2003 makes it easy for you to communicate with your teammates. Instead of writing on yellow sticky notes and attaching them to a printout, you can insert electronic comments within worksheet cells . You can also track changes within a workbook made by you and others. In addition to sharing workbooks, you can merge information from different workbooks into a single document, and you can link data between or consolidate data from different worksheets and workbooks.

By using a variety of techniques, you can link, embed, hyperlink, export, or convert data to create one seamless workbook that is a group effort by many co-workers.

Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
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