1.3 Positioning of WebSphere for OS400 and Linux on iSeries

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1.3 Positioning of WebSphere for OS/400 and Linux on iSeries

One obvious difference is Express Edition is only available for OS/400, whereas Enterprise Edition is only available for Linux on iSeries. That said, the rest of the differences between the two operating systems, as far as WebSphere is concerned, are quite relative.

One consideration point could be the topology. If you want vertical scalability, you may consider running WebSphere on the OS/400 side. Utilizing the OS/400-integrated feature of subsystems, you can manage multiple WebSphere application servers quite easily. However, if you want horizontal scalability, the Linux environment could be a more optimal choice. You might have multiple independent Linux LPAR partitions with less cost than multiple OS/400 LPAR partitions.

Table 1-1 on page 5 lists some decision factors between the two environments.

Table 1-1: Decision factors between OS/400 and Linux

Decision factor



WebSphere Express Edition

Available in OS/400

Not available

WebSphere Base Edition



WebSphere Network Deployment Edition



WebSphere Enterprise Edition

Not available


Application availability

Good for native applications

Good for new applications


Advantage of the environment

High (especially compared with Windows)


Advantage of OS/400

Good, as for every kind of UNIX®


Better tracking of problems related to the environment

You can search between output files


Cost of OS/400 LPAR partitions

Cost of Linux LPAR partitions


Depends on the customer workforce

Depends on the customer workforce


High vertical scalability via subsystems

High horizontal scalability for less cost in LPARs

Customer Strategic OS

Depends on the customer strategy

Depends on the customer strategy

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