1.2 Linux on iSeries WebSphere packages

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1.2 Linux on iSeries WebSphere packages

There are a number of differences among the offered packages of WebSphere Application Server V5.0 for Linux on iSeries. In the following sections we outline the most important of these differences.

1.2.1 WebSphere Application Server V5.0 for Linux on iSeries (Base Edition)

This edition addresses the basic programming and execution needs of desktop developers and single-server production scenarios. The execution environment for this edition addresses standards-based programming for Web and component-based programming, as well as Web services. The administration model for this edition presumes a single-server environment: no clustering for failover or workload balancing, nor centralized administration of multiple server instances. However, you can add a stand-alone node to a centrally administered network (the cell) at any time after installing the Network Deployment (ND) edition, which controls the cell.

The following features are included in this edition:

  • ActiveX Clients

  • Corba

  • Full J2EE support

  • IBM HTTP Server

  • Application Server

  • XML and XSL parsers

  • Integrated Java Message Service (JMS) server

  • Dynamic network caching

  • Java Management Extensions (JMX) systems management support

  • An ANT-based administrative tool called ws_ant

  • HTTP session state failover support

  • A session manager integrated into each application server

  • Web services support, including Web Services Invocation Framework (WSIF), WS-Security, and a technology preview of JSR109

  • New security features, including support for JAAS, CSIv2 interoperability, Java 2 security, and third-party security providers

  • Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI) integrated with JMX

  • Resource Analyzer, which has been rebranded as Tivoli® Performance Viewer and includes extended functionality

  • Troubleshooting includes First Failure Data Capture (FFDC), which allows you to collect data based on the first failure in the system

  • The collector script gathers system information and packages it in a JAR file that you can send to IBM Service for analysis

1.2.2 WebSphere Application Server V5.0.2 for Linux on iSeries (Network Deployment)

This edition addresses Application Server execution in departmental computing scenarios. It provides centralized administration of multiple server instances, as well as basic clustering and caching support.

This edition supports all the features of the Base Edition plus:

  • Caching Proxy

  • Load Balancer

  • Failover capability

  • Clustering Distributed Configurations

  • Support for network authentication and single sign-on

  • UDDI - Universal Description, Discovery and Identification registry

  • Webservices gateway (WSGW)

1.2.3 WebSphere Application Server V5.0.2 for Linux on iSeries (Enterprise)

This edition addresses large information technology (IT) production scenarios for applications that are designed according to the core, standards-based programming model of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Web services. It supports large-scale clustering, caching, content distribution, and dynamic workload management to help gain efficient utilization of shared resources in the I/T computing center. It also addresses complex programming requirements for integrating applications and lines of business, by introducing super-standard programming functions for business process management, integration adapters, rules management, and message transformations.

This edition supports all the features of the ND edition plus the following features:

  • Queue Manager Server

  • Business Rule Beans

  • Business Policy Management

  • Application Server extensions as Programing models and deployment manager

  • J2EE Workflow

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Websphere for Linux on Iseries. Implementation Guide
Websphere for Linux on Iseries: Implementation Guide
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