s (Set a Password on an Account andor Service)

s (Set a Password on an Account and/or Service)

The s mode contains the same password management functionality as the other modes, except that it requires an input password; it does not generate a new password. The allowed options are as follows :

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Passgen s <password> [-c <account name> [<old password>] [-m <machine/domain>] [-d <service name>]]

In this case, you must specify a password immediately after the s switch. However, you may instead specify a * . In that case, the program will prompt you to enter the new password at the console preventing it from being stored in your command-line history.

You must also specify at least the c or the d switches for the command to be valid. You may, of course, specify both switches. Other than that, the switches operate exactly as they do in the other modes.

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