Chapter 14. DarwinPorts

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13.4. Installing Binaries

You can download and install binaries via dselect (shown in Figure 13-3), a console-based frontend to dpkg. To use dselect, you must have superuser (or administrator) privileges, so you'll need to run sudo dselect in the Terminal. Once dselect has started, you can use the following options to maintain, install, and uninstall packages:


Chooses the access method to use. Configures the network access method to use.


Downloads the list of available packages from the Fink site. This option is equivalent to running apt-get update. Table 13-2 lists the apt-get and dpkg command-line options.

Figure 13-2. Running the install command in a Terminal window

Figure 13-3. The dselect program's main menu

Table 13-2. Some apt-get and dpkg commands



apt-get update

Updates list of available packages. Do this first.

apt-get install foo

Downloads and installs package foo.

apt-get remove foo

Deletes package foo.

dpkg list

Lists all installed packages.

dpkg listfiles foo

Lists all the files from package foo.

dpkg install foo

Installs package foo.

dpkg remove foo

Deletes package foo. Leaves configuration files.

dpkg purge foo

Deletes foo and configuration files.

dpkg -S /path/to/file

Tells you which package owns a file.

You must run [U]pdate at least once after installing Fink.

Mixing Binary and Source Installations

Using Fink, you can mix binary and source installations. That is, you can install some packages from their precompiled .deb files and install others from source. If you do this, you must first use apt-get to update the available binaries and then use fink selfupdate, followed by fink update-all, to update packages installed from source.


Requests the packages you want on your system. Displays the actual package listing, which is used to select and deselect the packages you want on your system.


Installs, upgrades, and configures selected packages. Also removes deselected packages.


Configures any packages that are unconfigured. Not actually needed, since [I]nstall does this after you've installed a package.


Removes unwanted software. Not actually needed, since [I]nstall will do this.


Quits dselect.

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