systemkeychain [-v] [-f] -C [   password   ] systemkeychain [-v] -t systemkeychain [-v] [-c] [-k   dest_keychain   ] -s   keychain   


Creates and manages the system keychain, /Library/Keychains/System.keychain . ( systemkeychain also creates /var/db/SystemKey , which presumably contains a randomly generated keychain password in encrypted form.) This keychain is used by system processes that run as root , such as daemons and boot processes, and is created automatically by the SecurityServer startup item.



Creates the destination keychain if it doesn't already exist.


Creates a new system keychain, unless one already exists. The keychain password can be specified with an optional argument.


Forces the overwrite of an existing system keychain when creating a new one.


Instead of adding a key to the system keychain, adds it to the specified destination keychain.


Adds a key to the system keychain that can be used to unlock the specified keychain.


Unlocks the system keychain.


Enables verbose output.



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