Installing the Sample Database and Code

There are two compressed files that contain the database and all associated sample code files. For Windows developers, this compressed file is a self-extracting executable named adsbook.exe. For Linux developers, there is a compressed tar file named adsbook.tar.gz.

If you are a Windows developer, there are three ways for you to install the database and other code samples. The first uses the installation program on the CD-ROM. The following steps describe how to install the files using this approach:

  1. If your computer is set up to auto-run inserted CD-ROMs, simply insert the CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive once you have logged on to your computer. The installation program will automatically start.

    If you do not have auto-run enabled, insert the CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive, open the Windows Explorer, and then run the install.exe on the CD-ROM’s root directory.

  2. Once the installation program is running, click the introduction button. Next click the install code samples now button. This will launch the adsbook.exe program, which will then prompt you for the directory into which you want to install its contents.

  3. By default, adsbook.exe extracts its contents into a directory named ADSBook, located under the c:\Program Files\Extended Systems\Advantage directory. This is the same directory referred to in this book. If you wish to install the samples into some alternative directory, use the provided dialog box to select the alternative directory into which you want the files extracted.

The second way to install the files is to launch the adsbook.exe file manually. Use the following steps to install these files manually:

  1. Insert the CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.

  2. Open the Windows Explorer, and navigate to the \ads\book\ directory under your CD-ROM’s root directory. There you will find the adsbook.exe file.

  3. Right-click adsbook.exe and select Open.

  4. Use the displayed dialog box to install the database and sample files.

The third way is to copy all of the files from the \ads\book\adsbook directory under the CD-ROM’s root directory to your hard disk. This directory contains an uncompressed version of all of the files referred to in this book. You can copy the files to the directory referred to in the chapters of this book—C:\Program Files\ Extended Systems\Advantage\ADSBook\—or to a directory of your choice.

For Linux developers, you will find the adsbook.tar.gz file in the \ads\book\ directory under the root directory of the CD-ROM drive. Use the following instructions to install the sample files from this tar file:

  1. From Linux, mount your CD-ROM drive.

  2. Using your tool of choice, copy this file to the directory where you want to extract the files. For example, you may want to place this file in a directory named ADSBook under the directory where the installation disk will install your Linux version of ADS and the associated utilities and drivers. By default, this directory is /usr/local/advantage/.

  3. Make the directory into which you copied adsbook.tar.gz the current directory.

  4. Enter the following command to extract this file:

    tar zxf bka_code.tar.gz

Alternatively, you can copy the uncompressed files from the ads\book\adsbook directory on the CD-ROM to the directory of your choosing on your hard drive.

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