Chapter 3: Defining Indexes


While a table’s structure defines what kind of data it can hold, it’s a table’s indexes that influence how that data is accessed. Except in the most trivial of databases, a major design issue in most applications involves the definition of indexes. Done properly, indexes can give your applications unparalleled speed and advanced features.

This chapter provides you with an overview of indexes. It begins with an introduction to the terms used to describe indexes. It continues with a look at the various types of indexes supported by ADS, as well as how to create and test indexes for your tables.

Toward the end of this chapter, you will find a detailed discussion of a new, special type of index called an FTS index. “FTS” stands for full text search, and these indexes permit you to quickly locate records based on the contents of text fields, including memo and binary fields.

Advantage Database Server. The Official Guide
Advantage Database Server: The Official Guide
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