QUARTER() scalar function, 247

Query Builder, Advantage, 258–262


See also SQL

Advantage Query Builder, 258–262

Advantage Extended Procedures, 193

executing queries from C#Builder, 403–405

executing queries from Delphi, 336

executing queries from Java, 356–357

executing queries from JBuilder, 356–357

executing queries from PHP, 433–434

executing queries from Visual Basic, 380–381

executing queries from Visual C#, 403–405

executing queries via ADO, 380–381

executing queries via ADO.NET, 403–405

free tables, 280

Native SQL Utility to execute, 263–265

parameterized queries. See parameterized queries

system tables, 303

tables from other data dictionaries, 280–281

views, 154–155, 161–162

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