When I type a formula referencing a pivot table, I cannot copy the formula down


If you are working with Excel 2002 or a later version, you will find that Excel has an annoying default setting that revolves around the GetPivotData function.

Excel automatically inserts the GetPivotData function into any cell where you are trying to enter a formula referencing your pivot data. The issue is that the GetPivotData function automatically references the cells in your pivot table as absolute references, making it impossible to simply copy your formulas down and get the right answer.


To resolve this issue, take the following steps:


Go to the application menu bar and select Tools, Customize.


In the Commands tab, select Data.


Find Generate GetPivotData and drag it to any one of your toolbars.


Click Close.


Click the Generate GetPivotData button to turn off this feature.


Re-enter your formula with this feature turned off.

    Pivot Table Data Crunching
    Pivot Table Data Crunching for Microsoft Office Excel 2007
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