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practical guide to software quality management, second edition
Practical Guide to Software Quality Management, Second Edition
by John W. Horch ISBN:1580535275
Artech House 2003 (286 pages)

This book offers an entry-level, broad overview of software quality management and provides the reader with practical advice needed to implement, evaluate, and improve a total quality software system.

Table of Contents
Practical Guide to Software Quality Management, Second Edition
Chapter 1 - The Elements of a Complete Software Quality System
Chapter 2 - Standards
Chapter 3 - Reviews
Chapter 4 - Testing
Chapter 5 - Defect Analysis
Chapter 6 - Configuration Management
Chapter 7 - Associated Quality Concerns
Chapter 8 - Software Safety
Chapter 9 - Risk Management
Chapter 10 - Software Documentation
Chapter 11 - Quality System Implementation
Appendix A - Sample Outline of Software Development Plan
Appendix B - Sample Outline of SQS Plan
Appendix C - Sample Outline of Configuration Management Plan
Appendix D - Sample Outline of Software Requirements Specification
Appendix E - Sample Outline of Software Preliminary Design Specification
Appendix F - Sample Outline of Software Detailed Design Specification
Appendix G - Sample Outline of Test Plan (System)
Appendix H - Sample Outline of Test Case
Appendix I - Sample Outline of Test Report
Appendix J - Sample Quality Management Charter
Appendix K - Sample Software Safety Plan
Appendix L - Sample Risk Management Plan
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Practical Guide to Software Quality Management
Practical Guide to Software Quality Management (Artech House Computing Library)
ISBN: 1580535275
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 137
Authors: John W. Horch
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