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Because each track of a sequence can be represented in the mixing board, the more tracks you have, the larger the mixing board will become. Digital Performer offers many different ways to help you manage the views of your tracks. You can select different view modes, select specific tracks to view, or create customized layouts.

Narrow View

If you want to increase the number of tracks that can be seen on the screen, one option is to select Narrow view. Narrow view condenses channel strips so that they are 50 percent of their original size.




When in Narrow view, all functions of the channel strip are available except for the Send Mute buttons .

Viewing Tracks

Digital Performer allows you to select the tracks that you would like to appear in the mixing board at any given time. By selecting or deselecting tracks, you can increase or decrease the size of the mixing board.




When creating a mix, you will have some tracks that are pertinent to the mix and others that are not. Rather than spending time opening and closing certain channel strips, you can create specific layouts that contain only the tracks that are relevant to the mix you are working on.

Creating Layouts

To create a layout, set up the mixing board and then save it.




Accessing Layouts

Once you have saved a layout, you can access it at any time through the mini menu.


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