Recipe 3.18 Creating TODO Tasks


Recipe 3.18 Creating TODO Tasks

3.18.1 Problem

You want to use annotations to keep track of everything you still have to do in your code.

3.18.2 Solution

Add TODO comments to your code; they'll appear in the Tasks view.

3.18.3 Discussion

Just including the text TODO in a single-line comment will add that comment's text to the Tasks view, enabling you to keep track of tasks in one location. You can see an example in Figure 3-20.

Figure 3-20. TODO comments in the Tasks view
figs/ecb_0320.gif Eclipse 3.0

The Problems view replaced the Tasks view in Eclipse 3.0, so the Tasks view doesn't appear in the Java perspective by default in this version of Eclipse. To show it, select Window Show View Other Basic Tasks.

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