Chapter 2. Using Eclipse



Section 2.1.   Showing/Hiding Views

Section 2.2.   Moving a View or Toolbar

Section 2.3.   Accessing Any Project File

Section 2.4.   Tiling Editors

Section 2.5.   Maximizing Views and Editors

Section 2.6.   Going Back to the Previous Editor

Section 2.7.   Going Back to the Previous Edit Location

Section 2.8.   Linking Views to Editors

Section 2.9.   Reordering View and Editor Tabs

Section 2.10.   Navigating from an Editor to a View

Section 2.11.   Creating a Key Binding

Section 2.12.   Displaying More Resource Information with Icons

Section 2.13.   Using a Different Workspace

Section 2.14.   Creating a Task

Section 2.15.   Creating a Bookmark

Section 2.16.   Creating a Fast View

Section 2.17.   Customizing Help

Section 2.18.   Restoring Deleted Resources

Section 2.19.   Customizing a Perspective

Section 2.20.   Restoring a Perspective

Section 2.21.   Creating a New Perspective

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