Chapter 2. System Architecture



  • Introducing Project Trailblazer

  • The Silverjack Resort Layout

  • Project Trailblazer Requirements

  • The Project Trailblazer System Architecture

A group of devices forming a network to distribute functionality that serve a common purpose defines a system. The initial system design phase creates a framework called the system architecture. The system architecture specifies, at a block level, the system components and their interconnection interfaces. Developers work within the system architecture, which provides a structure and an overall understanding of the project or product. System architectures provide the big picture. Furthermore, a set of high-level system requirements help to define the system architecture. Also, a system architecture does not address technical details of its blocks. Details, such as component specification and selection, are determined during a block's design phase.

This chapter introduces Project Trailblazer, a winter resort automation project. This project starts with the formation of the high-level system requirements, which will develop into a system architecture consisting of functional blocks and their interfaces. This chapter does not address any technical details concerning the functional block; it merely defines the Project Trailblazer system architecture. This book follows the Project Trailblazer development and the design and implementation of its functional blocks using embedded Linux.


    Embedded LinuxR. Hardware, Software, and Interfacing
    Embedded LinuxR. Hardware, Software, and Interfacing
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