Thanks to all of the people that have helped me create this book. I am especially indebted to Don Olsen, Haim Kilov, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Myron Ahn, Rob Purser, Ron Lunde, Scott Ambler and Dave Smith for their detailed reviews. Steve Sweeting, Craig Larman, Todd Girvin, Erik Petersen, Sandra Carrico, Adam Jackson, Tony Navarette, Chris Reavis, Elisabeth Hendrickson, James Bach and Alan Shalloway all provided detailed reviews of one or more chapters. Some of you were especially critical, and the book is better for it.

A very special thanks goes to Bob Glass for working with me to create the title. Once again a phone call was better than a lot of e-mail.

Ron, I imagined that writing a chapter with you would be fun. It was!

Steve Dodds, Lee Sigler, and a host of students and colleagues have provided me with inspiration and friendship as I undertook this project.

Special thanks to my good friend and original publisher Paul Becker, who patiently waited for me to complete it. Paul, it has been a few years since I completed my first book. Thanks for your willingness to wait until I had something to say.

I am deeply indebted to the superb professionalism and hard work of the Addison-Wesley production and marketing organization. They took a raw manuscript and helped shape it into a book. Thanks to Mary O'Brien, Elizabeth Ryan, Marilyn Rash, Chris Guzikowski, and Dianne Wood.

I have undoubtedly forgotten to mention one or more individuals who have helped in the creation of this book. This was, by no means, intentional. I'm also certain that there are several areas in which the book can be improved based on your experience. Tell me what I've missed, or how I can improve the bookand I will.

Luke   Hohmann

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