Workshop 2: Investigate the Settings


Take some time now to go through the settings on your own system. You might even read back through this chapter as you open the different windows . After you have a handle on these settings, your whole experience with Final Cut Pro will be enhanced greatly. Many folks have a tough time with this part of the learning curve. It's essential for you to understand the basics of this area of the software.

Let's set up a capture setting that allows you to hear the audio recorded on a source tape through the Log and Capture window while you view, log, and capture video from a DV source. Otherwise, you'll be able to hear the audio playback of your tape only externally when capturing and logging your clips later.

  1. Make sure your DV camera is connected to your system via a FireWire cable and is turned on. If it is not, close Final Cut Pro, connect your DV device, and restart the application.

  2. Open your Audio/Video settings from the Final Cut Pro menu, or press Opt+Cmd+Q.

  3. Click the Capture Presets tab.

  4. Click the Duplicate button for DV NTSC 48 kHz or DV PAL 48 kHz to open the Capture Preset Editor.

  5. Rename this preset DV NTSC 48 kHz (or DV PAL 48 kHz) Hear Audio.

  6. In the Capture Preset Editor window, in the QuickTime Audio Settings section, click the Advanced button. This opens the Advanced Sound Settings dialog box.

  7. On the right is a Speaker pop-up menu. Click it, and set the speaker to On. Then click OK.

  8. Click OK in the Capture Preset Editor window. Notice that this setting is now available on the Capture Presets tab.

  9. Click the Summary tab. Take a look at the pop-up menu next to Capture Preset; your new setting is in the list.

  10. You can take this a step further. Select the new preset from the Capture Preset pop-up menu. Create an Easy Setup for it by clicking the Create Easy Setup button.

Using this preset in the future will allow you to hear audio playback while viewing source videotapes with DV captures. Creating your own custom presets is as easy as this one was. As soon as you have a handle on this area of the software, the most technical end of your learning curve is over.

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