In this chapter, you took a brief look at all the exciting features of the Visual Studio .NET IDE. Visual Studio .NET contains many more enhancements and features from its predecessors, but still retains some of the features included in previous Visual Studio products. Window management and customization is an important topic and it is one you should master as soon as possible. When you get past learning how to use the tools provided within Visual Studio .NET, you are free to concentrate on your main priority: the source code.

As you work through the various projects and discussions in this book, you will take a closer look at some of the many tools that can help you develop your applications. If you need information that you can't find in the context of the chapter you are reading, remember that Visual Studio .NET contains links to many of the topics discussed in this book.

    Visual C#. NET 2003 Unleashed
    Visual C#. NET 2003 Unleashed
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