Finding Photos

In addition to locating photos using the Tags and Collections panes, the Organizer offers a host of other options for searching, finding, and viewing photos in your catalog. We'll touch on just a couple of the more popular methods here for locating photos by their embedded date information. The timeline allows you very quick and easy access to photos via its month markers. Just click on a marker and your Photo Browser is instantly populated with the photos acquired in that particular month. Additionally, the Date View windows offer you a highly visual and interactive way to search and locate photos from yearly and monthly calendars. For instance, in the Month calendar view, sets of photos shot in a given day are represented by a thumbnail image of the first photo shot that day. And by simply clicking on that day's photo thumbnail, you can scroll through and view all of the photos from that day. A single-day view window provides yet another way to view a day's worth of photos, with the advantage of displaying a large preview of each photo rather than just a small representative thumbnail.

To set a range of dates for finding photos


If necessary, from the View menu choose Timeline, or press Ctrl+L to view the timeline (Figure 13.95).

Figure 13.95. If the timeline isn't visible, choose Timeline from the View menu.


From the Find menu, choose Set Date Range, or press Ctrl+Alt+F.


In the Set Date Range dialog box, use the text boxes and drop-down menus to enter a start and end date (Figure 13.96).

Figure 13.96. Enter start and end dates in the Set Date Range dialog box.


The timeline will change to highlight just the range of dates that you selected (Figure 13.97).

Figure 13.97. Before you set a date range (top), the contents of the entire timeline will be visible in the Photo Browser. After you set a date range (bottom), only those photos that fall within the specified range will be visible in the Photo Browser.

To find photos using the timeline


From the Arrangement drop-down menu in the lower-left corner of the Photo Browser, choose a sorting option (Figure 13.98).

Figure 13.98. Choose a sort option from the Arrangement drop-down menu in the Photo Browser.


In the timeline, click on a bar corresponding to a specific month and year (Figure 13.99).

Figure 13.99. Bars (month markers) in the timeline represent sets of images shot or acquired in specific months. Click on a timeline marker to view its set of photos.

The Photo Browser will automatically scroll to display the photos for the month you selected.


  • From the Find menu, you can search for photos to view in the Photo Browser by a number of different criteria. Some that you'll probably use most often are by caption or note; by filename; by history (imported on date, and printed on date, among others); and by media type (photos, video, audio, and creations). Just choose an option and then fill in its dialog box (when applicable) to refine your search.

To find photos in the date view


In the shortcuts bar, click the Date View button (Figure 13.100).

Figure 13.100. Click the Date View button on the shortcuts bar to change to the Organizer Date View window.


At the bottom of the Date View window, click to select a view option (Figure 13.101).

Figure 13.101. At the bottom of the Date View window, you can select from one of three calendar view options.


Use the navigation buttons in calendar view to move from one year, month, or day to another (Figure 13.102).

Figure 13.102. Buttons in the different calendar views allow you to quickly jump to the next (or previous) year, month, or day.

In Year view, dates shaded in blue indicate the days that those photos were taken. A preview window to the right contains a thumbnail of the first photo in the set, plus navigation buttons to view the remaining photos in the set (Figure 13.103).

Figure 13.103. Click on a shaded date in Year view to see the photos associated with that day.

In Month view, dates with photo thumbnails indicate the days that photos were taken (Figure 13.104).

Figure 13.104. In Month view, click on the dates with photo thumbnails to see the photos associated with that day.


To view the complete set of photos for any given day, do one of the following:

  • Double-click on either a shaded day in Year view or on a day thumbnail in Month view.

  • Click to select a day in either Year or Month view, and then click the Day button at the bottom of the Date View window (Figure 13.105).

    Figure 13.105. Choose the Day option to see larger views of the photos for a single day.

In the Day view window you can see large, single-image views of your photos. You can also add notes for a complete day's set of photos and enter a caption for individual photos (Figure 13.106).

Figure 13.106. The Day View window.

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