Using Catalogs to Store Your Photos

Catalogs are the behind-the-scenes backbone of the Organizer workspace. Catalogs are actually where all the information for tags and categories and collections are stored. When you install Photoshop Elements, a default catalog (called "My Catalog") is automatically set up for you on your computer, and may very well be all that you'll ever need. There are two circumstances where additional catalogs might be helpful. If your business requires you to maintain a large library of digital images, you may want to have a catalog to keep those business images separate from your personal photos. Or, if more than one person is sharing and downloading images to the same computer, it may be nice to have discrete catalogs for each person's photos: "Bob's Catalog," "Sara's Catalog," and so on.

To create a new catalog


From the File menu choose Catalog, or press Ctrl+Shift+C (Figure 13.93).

Figure 13.93. Choose Catalog from the File menu to open the Catalog dialog box.

In the lower-left corner of the Catalog dialog box is the Import free music into all catalogs check box. Leave this option selected so that the music files you received with Photoshop Elements (to use as background tracks for PDF slide shows and other creations) will be available in the new catalog.


In the Catalog dialog box, click New.


In the New Catalog window, choose a location for your new catalog.

The default location that appears in the New Catalog window is the Photoshop Elements Catalogs folder, a good location to store any new catalogs.


In the File Name text box, enter a name for your new catalog (Figure 13.94).

Figure 13.94. Make sure to give your new catalog a name that's different from any existing catalogs.

Be sure not to use My Catalog as the name, because that is the name already assigned to your original catalog.


Click Save to create your new catalog.

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