Selecting Tools

The toolbox contains all of the tools you need for creating and editing images. You can use them to make selections, paint, draw, and easily perform sophisticated photo-retouch operations. To view information about a tool, rest the pointer over it until a tool tip appears showing the name and keyboard shortcut (if any) for that tool (Figure 1.18).

Figure 1.18. Hover the pointer over any tool icon to see a tip that displays the tool's name and keyboard shortcut.

To use a tool, you must first select it from the toolbox. Some tools have additional tools hidden beneath them, as indicated by a small triangle at the lower right of the tool icon (Figure 1.19).

Figure 1.19. A small triangle next to a tool icon indicates additional tools. Right-click to see a menu of these hidden tools.

To select a tool from the toolbox

  • Click the tool icon in the toolbox.

    When you move your pointer into the document window, the pointer changes appearance to reflect the tool you have selected (Figure 1.20).

    Figure 1.20. When the Rectangular Marquee tool is selected, the pointer changes to crosshairs as it moves over the document window.

To select a hidden tool


On any tool that displays a small triangle, either click and hold down the mouse button, or right-click the tool icon.

A menu of the hidden tools appears (Figure 1.21).

Figure 1.21. Click and hold down the mouse button to view hidden tools.


Click to select the tool you want to use.


  • Once you've familiarized yourself with the toolbox, it's even easier to use keyboard shortcuts to access tools. Shortcuts are displayed in tool tips, on the printed Quick Reference card included in the product box, and in the online help. For example, if you look at the tool tip for the Type tool, you'll see the letter T in parentheses (Figure 1.22). That's the keyboard shortcut for the Type tool. If you press T on your keyboard, even when another tool is selected, the Type tool becomes the active tool. (Note that when you press a letter to select a tool with a hidden tool group, Photoshop Elements selects the tool from the group that was used most recently.)

    Figure 1.22. Tool tips display the keyboard shortcut for each tool.

  • To cycle through hidden tools, repeatedly press the tool's shortcut key. Each tool option will be displayed in turn.

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