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going virtual: distributed communities of practice
Going Virtual: Distributed Communities of Practice
by Paul M. Hildreth ISBN:1591402719
Idea Group Publishing 2004 (268 pages)

This text describes how more subtle kinds of knowledge can be managed in a distributed international environment. It also describes work in the field of knowledge management, with a specific focus on the management of knowledge .

Table of Contents
Going Virtual—Distributed Communities of Practice
Section I - Background and Context
Chapter I- Introduction
Chapter II- Knowledge Management
Chapter III- What is Soft Knowledge?
Chapter IV- Going Virtual
Section II - Living with the Community
Chapter V- Living with the CoP—Stage One
Chapter VI- Stage Two—Visiting the American Core
Chapter VII- A Look at Other CoPs
Chapter VIII- Lessons Learned
Appendix Section
List of Figures
List of Tables

Going Virtual(c) Distributed Communities of Practice
Going Virtual: Distributed Communities in Practice
ISBN: 1591402719
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 77
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