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oracle database 10g: high availablity with rac flashback & data guard
Oracle Database 10g: High Availablity with RAC Flashback & Data Guard
by Matthew Hart and Scott Jesse ISBN:0072254289
McGraw-Hill/Osborne 2004 (496 pages)

This text concentrates on explaining 10g technologies and practices to database administrators, covering general availability, real application clusters (RAC), disaster planning and recovery, and distributed database solutions.

Table of Contents
Oracle Database 10g—High Availability with RAC, Flashback & Data Guard
Part I - Logical Availability
Chapter 1- Oracle and Availability: Illustrated Downtime Scenarios
Chapter 2- RDBMS Features for Availability
Chapter 3- Tuning Your Database for Availability
Part II - Real Application Clusters
Chapter 4- RAC Setup and Configuration
Chapter 5- Database Administration in a RAC Environment
Chapter 6- Utility Computing: Applications as Services
Part III - Disaster Planning
Chapter 7- Oracle Data Guard: Surviving the Disaster
Chapter 8- Backup and Recovery for High-Availability Environments
Chapter 9- Oracle Flashback: Surviving User-Induced Trauma
Part IV - Distributed Database Solutions
Chapter 10- Oracle Streams for High Availability
Chapter 11- Oracle Net Configuration for Failover
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Oracle Database 10g. High Availablity with RAC Flashback & Data Guard
Oracle Database 10g. High Availablity with RAC Flashback & Data Guard
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