eDirectory Errors

There are a wide variety of error codes and conditions that can be reported in your Novell eDirectory environment. Specific information on each error is available in the Novell online documentation. You can also link to error code information from iMonitor by clicking an error from the Trace screen. eDirectory error codes are usually displayed in decimal numbers .


Because the eDirectory is designed as a loosely consistent database, temporary errors are normal. Don't be alarmed if temporary error conditions come and go as part of normal eDirectory operation. However, if errors persist for a significant period of time, you might need to take some action to resolve the problem.

eDirectory error codes can be categorized as shown in the following subsections.

eDirectory Agent Errors

These are the error codes with which you will typically work when tackling some eDirectory problem. They come in two ranges:

  • 601 to799

  • 6001 or higher

The 6001 range is new to recent versions of eDirectory. These error codes identify errors originating in the eDirectory Agent running on your NetWare 6.5 server.

Operating System Errors

Certain eDirectory background processes or operations, such as network communications or time synchronization, require the use or functionality provided by the operating system on which eDirectory is running. These functions can return operating systemspecific error codes to eDirectory. These error codes are passed on to the eDirectory process or operation that initiated a request.

Generally, negative numbers identify all eDirectory-generated operating system errors, whereas positive numbers identify all other operating system errors:

  • 1 to 256: eDirectory-generated operating system errors

  • 1 to 255: Operating systemgenerated errors

This is an esoteric distinction for your information only. During troubleshooting, you should treat occurrences of operating system errors with the same number, whether negative or positive, as relating to the same event.

Client Errors

In some cases, an eDirectory server will function as a directory client in order to perform certain background processes or operations. This can result in client-specific error codes being returned to eDirectory background processes and operations. The eDirectory client that is built into DS.NLM generates these error codes. Client error codes fall in the range of 301 through 399.

Other eDirectory Errors

Some eDirectory background processes and operations require interaction with other NLMs running on the NetWare 6.5 server. Examples of this include TIMESYNC.NLM and UNICODE.NLM . If any of these external NLMs encounter an error, it can be passed on to DS.NLM . Errors in this category utilize codes ranging between 400 and 599.

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