Education & Reference

Web Site Cookbook.1st00596101090
Bug Patterns in Java1st01590590619
Python Cookbook1st20040596007973
Linux Security Cookbook1st20060596003919
Programming from the Ground Up1st20060975283847
C++ GUI Programming with Qt 31st20060131240722
Suschnost' tehnologii SOM1st00201634465
Managing Enterprise Systems with the Windows Script Host1st20051893115674
Core JavaServerT Faces1st20040131738860
Access VBA Programming1st20061598633937
Learning GNU Emacs1st20030596006489
101 Microsoft Visual Basic. NET Applications1st20060735618917
Fundamentals of SVG Programming. Concepts to Source Code1st20031584502983
The Java Tutorial(c) A Short Course on the Basics1st20020321334205
Mastering Delphi 71st2006078214201X
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Office OneNote 20031st20030789731487
Ruby Cookbook1st00596523696
Visual Studio Tools for Office(c) Using C# with Excel, Word, Outlook, and InfoPath1st0321334884
Visual Studio Tools for Office(c) Using Visual Basic 2005 with Excel, Word, Outlook, and InfoPath1st00321411757
Network Sales and Services Handbook1st20051587050900
HTML, XHTML, & CSS(c) Visual QuickStart Guide1st20040321430840
Programming Jakarta Struts1st20030596006519
Quartz Job Scheduling Framework(c) Building Open Source Enterprise Applications1st00131886703
Web Standards Solutions. The Markup and Style Handbook1st20031590593812
AI Game Development. Synthetic Creatures with Learning and Reactive Behaviors1st20031592730043
GDI+ Programming with C#1st2003073561265X
Applied ADO. NET(c) Building Data-Driven Solutions1st20061590590732
Architecting Portal Solutions1st20030738498645
Sams teach yourself Visual C++ 6 in 21 days1st19980672324482
Understanding. NET. A Tutorial and Analysis1st20020201741628
Enterprise Service Bus1st20060596006756
Understanding. NET1st20040321194047
Microsoft Office Project 2007 Step by Step1st20040735623058
Developing Enterprise Web Services. An Architect's Guide1st20030131401602
ActionScript 2.0 Language Reference for Macromedia Flash 81st20040321384040
REALbasic Cross-Platform Application Development1st20040672328135
UML 2 for Dummies1st20060764526146
JavaT APIs for XML Kick Start1st20020672324342
Perl Cookbook1st20030596003137
WebLogic. The Definitive Guide1st2003059600432X
Core Python Programming1st20040132269937
Authorized Self-Study Guide Cisco IP Telephony (CIPT)1st2004158705261X
core JavaServer Faces1st20030131463055
Designing Storage Area Networks(c) A Practical Reference for Implementing Fibre Channel and IP SANs1st20030321136500
Aspect-Oriented Analysis and Design(c) The Theme Approach1st20060321246748
Eclipse(c) Building Commercial-Quality Plug-ins1st2004032142672X
C++ FAQs1st20050201845199
Practical Java Game Programming1st20031584503262
Everyone Needs a Mentor(c) Fostering Talent in Your Organisation1st20031843980541
Agile Software Development. The Cooperative Game1st20040321482751
PHP 5 Unleashed1st2004067232511X
Designing Highly Useable Software1st20030782143016
Version Control with Subversion1st20030596510330
Building Web Applications With UML1st20020201730383
Creating Games in C++(c) A Step-by-Step Guide1st00735714347
Coding Techniques for Microsoft Visual Basic. NET1st20020735612544
Perl Best Practices1st20040596001738
Perl Hacks1st20040596526741
C# Class Design Handbook(c) Coding Effective Classes1st01590592573
Open Sources 2.01st20040596008023