Adobe Acrobat 7 in a Snap

book cover
Adobe Acrobat 7 in a Snap
By Shari Nakano
Publisher: Sams Publishing
Pub Date: January 19, 2005
ISBN: 0-672-32701-5
Pages: 240

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Adobe PDF is the emerging workflow standard in the publishing, financial services, regulated and government industries, but learning all that Adobe Acrobat is capable of can take more time than most employees in these industries can spare. That's where Adobe Acrobat in a Snap comes in. The author will walk you through more than 80 short tasks that are designed to teach you what you need to know and let you get back to work and apply your new skills. You'll cover everything from the basic concepts of creating and editing PDFs to the more advanced concepts such as Acrobat Distiller and third party plug-ins in this clear and concise tutorial.

book cover
Adobe Acrobat 7 in a Snap
By Shari  Nakano
Publisher: Sams Publishing
Pub Date: January 19, 2005
ISBN: 0-672-32701-5
Pages: 240

Table of Contents    Index

      About the Author
      We Want to Hear from You!
      Reader Services
      Part  I.   Covering the Basics
            Chapter 1.   Start Here
        What Is Acrobat?
        The Acrobat Product Family
        New Features of Acrobat 7.0
        The Acrobat Interface
        Viewing PDFs
            Chapter 2.   Creating a PDF
        Section 1.   Create a PDF in Acrobat
        Section 2.   Create a PDF from Multiple Files
        Section 3.   Convert a Website to a PDF
        Section 4.   Create PDFs from Microsoft Office
        Section 5.   About Creating a PDF from Other Applications
            Chapter 3.   Modifying a PDF File
        Section 6.   Insert Pages
        Section 7.   Extract Pages
        Section 8.   Crop Pages
        Section 9.   Rotate Pages
        Section 10.   Renumber Pages
        Section 11.   Add Headers and Footers
        Section 12.   Edit Text
            Chapter 4.   PDF Document Review
        Section 13.   About the Review Process
        Section 14.   Email-Based Review
        Section 15.   Browser-Based Review
        Section 16.   About Review Tracker
        Section 17.   Add Note Comments
        Section 18.   Apply Document Status and Other Graphical Stamps
        Section 19.   Add Text Editing Comments
        Section 20.   Add Drawing Markups to a PDF
        Section 21.   Import Comments to a PDF
        Section 22.   Export Comments from a PDF
        Section 23.   Export Comments to Word
        Section 24.   About the Comments Pane
        Section 25.   Summarize Comments in a PDF
      Part  II.   Beyond the Basics
            Chapter 5.   Document Security and Digital Signatures
        Section 26.   Secure a PDF File with Password Protection
        Section 27.   Change Security Permissions
        Section 28.   Create a Digital ID
        Section 29.   Delete a Digital ID
        Section 30.   Add a Digital ID Signature
        Section 31.   Certify a Document
            Chapter 6.   Adding Interactivity to a PDF
        Section 32.   About Interactivity
        Section 33.   Create a Multimedia Link
        Section 34.   Create a Navigation Link
        Section 35.   Create a Menu Action Link
        Section 36.   Create a Custom Button
        Section 37.   Edit a Link
            Chapter 7.   Creating a PDF Presentation
        Section 38.   View a PDF in Full Screen View
        Section 39.   Incorporate Multimedia in a Presentation
        Section 40.   Set Presentation Preferences
        Section 41.   Include Page Transitions
            Chapter 8.   Creating Bookmarks
        Section 42.   Create a Bookmark
        Section 43.   Change a Bookmark's Destination
        Section 44.   Create a Bookmark to a Different Document
        Section 45.   Generate Bookmarks from Structured Documents
        Section 46.   Organize Bookmarks
      Part  III.   Taking It Up a Notch
            Chapter 9.   Working with Forms in Adobe Designer
        Section 47.   About PDF Forms
        Section 48.   About Adobe Designer
        Section 49.   About the Designer Workspace
        Section 50.   About Designing Forms
        Section 51.   Create a New Form
        Section 52.   Create a Form from a Template
        Section 53.   Create a Form from Another Document
        Section 54.   Create a Form in Acrobat
        Section 55.   Send Form Data Through the Web
            Chapter 10.   Reading Digital Editions
        Section 56.   Activate Your Digital Editions Account
        Section 57.   Download a Digital Edition
        Section 58.   Borrow a Digital Edition
        Section 59.   View a Digital Edition
            Chapter 11.   Accessibility for the Disabled
        Section 60.   Create an Accessible PDF
        Section 61.   Have Acrobat Read a Document Aloud
        Section 62.   Change Display Settings for Increased Legibility
        Section 63.   Set Automatic Scrolling
            Chapter 12.   Preparing to Print
        Section 64.   About Trapping
        Section 65.   Preview Color Output
        Section 66.   About Preflighting
        Section 67.   Preflight a PDF
        Section 68.   Edit a Preflight Profile
        Section 69.   Import or Export a Preflight Profile
        Section 70.   Generate a PDF/XCompliant Document
        Section 71.   Edit Preflight General Preferences
        Section 72.   About Transparency Flattening Preview
        Section 73.   About PDF Optimizer
            Chapter 13.   Using Paper Capture
        Section 74.   Set Preferences for Paper Capture
        Section 75.   Convert a Scanned Document into Text
        Section 76.   Find OCR Suspects
            Chapter 14.   Acrobat Distiller
        Section 77.   About Acrobat Distiller
        Section 78.   About PostScript
        Section 79.   Change Distiller Settings
        Section 80.   Create Custom Settings
            Chapter 15.   Third-Party Plug-Ins
        Section 81.   About How Plug-Ins Work
        Section 82.   Install Plug-Ins
        Section 83.   About Sources for Plug-Ins
      Key Terms