Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 Studio Techniques

book cover
Adobe® Premiere® Pro 2.0 Studio Techniques
By Jacob Rosenberg
Publisher: Adobe Press
Pub Date: June 20, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-321-38547-0
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-321-38547-5
Pages: 624

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Ready to discover not just the how, but also the why behind some of the most powerful features in Premiere Pro? In Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 Studio Techniques, author Jacob Rosenberg goes beyond conventional stepby- step instruction to give you a real-world perspective on editing with Premiere Pro. Using Jacob's fi lm footage or your own, you'll learn to deliver professional-quality results. Whether you're looking for advice on editing, effects, titles, or working with audio, this easy-to-read guide will help you add more punch to your productions. • New features in Premiere Pro 2.0: Native HD support, native HDV editing, 24P/24PA support, DVD authoring from the timeline, expedited reviewing with Adobe Clip Notesit's all here. Find out how Premiere Pro has been improved, what's been added, and how to use new features. • Working fundamentals: From capturing video to assembling your project to the new, panel-based user interface, get an under-the-hood understanding of this powerful application. • Advanced techniques: Through hands-on lessons, learn the ins and outs of color correction, color matching, multiple-camera editing, dynamic photomontages, titling, audio and video effects, sound mixing, professional workflows for feature films and HD productions, and more. • Companion DVD: You'll fi nd extra chapters and bonus reference material to read, video tutorials to watch, media fi les to use with the book's lessons, tryout versions of Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 and Adobe Audition 2.0, and indispensable plug-ins to install. Jacob Rosenberg is a Los Angelesbased independent filmmaker who has directed nationally broadcast commercials, music videos for such groups as the Baha Men, and several short films. Recently, Jacob has worked as a post-production supervisor on a number of feature films that used high-definition video as their digital intermediate format. A current member of the Adobe Premiere development team, and the featured instructor for Premiere Pro on the highly acclaimed Total Training Instructional DVD series, Jacob continues to raise the bar by creating new workflows and educating others about them. From IBC in Amsterdam to NAB in Las Vegas, Jacob teaches classes around the world on using Premiere Pro and other Adobe products. "With this book and Adobe Premiere Pro, you'll have all the tools you need to create your own professional-quality movies and videos. Jacob shows you how to think like a filmmaker, get the job done, and understand the creative process from start to finish." Steven Warner Director of Engineering, Adobe Systems Inc. "Jacob has tirelessly advanced the art of filmmaking with Premiere's ever-expanding functionality, and his book demonstrates the depth and breadth of his creative artistry and technical know-how." Rob Legato Film director and Academy-Award-winning Visual Effects Supervisor for Titanic 

book cover
Adobe® Premiere® Pro 2.0 Studio Techniques
By Jacob Rosenberg
Publisher: Adobe Press
Pub Date: June 20, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-321-38547-0
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-321-38547-5
Pages: 624

Table of Contents  | Index

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    Part I:  Fundamentals of Premiere Pro
      Chapter 1.  The New Premiere Pro Workspace: How It Works and What's New
      Panels = Windows
      The 2.0 Panels
      Selecting, Resizing, and Rearranging
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 2.  Capturing Video
      Scratch Disks and Device Control
      Exploring Capture
      The Right Workflow
      Manual Captures, No Device Control
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 3.  Using the Project Panel
      Importing Files
      Project Views
      Viewing and Adjusting
      Creating New Elements
      Organizational Tips
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 4.  Playing Back and Viewing Your Media
      The Source Monitor
      The Program Monitor
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 5.  The Timeline Panel
      Sequences and Layout
      Time Navigation Controls Area
      Track Header Area
      Track Content Area
      Wing Menu
      Playback Scrolling
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 6.  The Editing Workflow
      Editing Basics
      Editing with the Source Monitor
      Timeline Editing
      Editing with the Program Monitor
      Timeline Trimming
      The Tools Panel
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 7.  Transitions Basics
      Single-Track Transition Basics
      The Effects Panel
      Dragging and Dropping Transitions
      Effect Controls Panel
      Timeline Adjustments
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 8.  Effect Controls Basics
      Standard Effects and Fixed Effects
      The Effect Controls Panel
      Working with Keyframes
      Viewing Keyframes in the Timeline
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 9.  Audio Basics
      Importing and Conformed Audio Files
      Media Cache Database
      Understanding Volume Levels
      Audio Tracks
      Clip Versus Track Effects
      Powerful New Features
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 10.  Titler Basics
      Title Panels Overview
      Title Properties Panel
      Creating an Object
      Title Properties Panel
      Creating Text
      Moving and Arranging Text and Objects
      Using Templates
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 11.  DVD Basics
      Auto-Play vs. Menu-Based Authoring
      DVD Settings: One Export, Three Choices
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 12.  Adobe Bridge and Adobe Production Studio
      Adobe Bridge
      Production Studio Integration
      Things to Remember
    Part II:  Advanced Graphics and Titling
      Chapter 13.  Working with Photoshop Files: Nesting and Animating
      Progressive Projects for Photo Montages
      Nesting Sequences
      Adding Effects to Nested Sequences
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 14.  Working with Stills: Motion and Advanced Keyframing
      Importing, Image Size, and Auto-Scaling
      Automate to Sequence
      Image Panning and Creating Custom Effect Presets
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 15.  Advanced Titling: Styles and Templates
      Creating a Style from an Object
      Creating a Custom Text Style and Saving a Custom Template
      More Template Timesavers
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 16.  Custom DVD Design
      DVD Templates and Scene Marking
      Customizing Your DVD Menus
      Burning to Disc
      Things to Remember
    Part III:  Advanced Audio Techniques
      Chapter 17.  Using Your Audio Hardware
      Audio Interfaces
      Adjusting Audio Settings
      Premiere's Audio Hardware Preferences
      Input: Picking a Microphone
      Recording Live Audio
      Output: Speakers and Headphones
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 18.  Recording and Editing a Voiceover
      Two Schools for Voiceover
      Recording Preparations
      Recording Your Voice
      Cutting Your Voiceover
      Speed Adjustments and Pitch Shifting
      Breath Removal
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 19.  Audio Clip and Track Effects
      Applying Clip Effects
      Exporting and Consolidating Your Voiceover Track
      Applying Track-Based Effects
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 20.  Mixing Your Audio
      Creating Your Mix
      Automation and Live Mixing
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 21.  5.1 Surround Sound Mixing
      Converting a Stereo Mix to 5.1 Surround
      Automation and Mixing in 5.1
      Exporting and Playing 5.1 Audio
      Things to Remember
    Part IV:  Advanced Effect Techniques
      Chapter 22.  New Color Correction Tools: Fast Color Corrector
      Luminance and Chrominance
      RGB Color Channels
      Tonal Ranges
      HSL: Hue, Saturation, and Lightness
      Using The Fast Color Corrector
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 23.  Advanced Color Correction: Three-Way Color Corrector
      The Three-Way Color Corrector
      White Balancing and Custom Looks
      Secondary Color Correction
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 24.  Track Mattes and PiPs
      Creating a Static Track Matte
      Luma Track Mattes with Color Correction
      Creating a Good Picture-in-Picture
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 25.  Green/Blue Screen Keying
      Setting Up Your Green/Blue Screen Shoot
      Green/Blue Screen Keying and Premiere Pro
      Things to Remember
    Part V:  Advanced Editing
      Chapter 26.  Advanced Editing: Creating Your Cut
      Assembling Your Edit
      Trimming and Modifying Your Edit
      Things to Remember
      Chapter 27.  Advanced Editing: The New Multi-Cam Workflow
      Editing a Multi-Cam Shoot
      Editing a Music Video
      Things to Remember