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real world microsoft access database protection and security
Real World Microsoft Access Database Protection and Security
by Gary Robinson   ISBN:1590591267
Apress © 2004

Intended for database administrators, this book shows how to protect an Access database by making changes in the startup options, database options and attributes, menus and toolbars, workgroup security, and the Windows operating system itself.

Table of Contents
Real World Microsoft Access Database Protection and Security
Chapter 1 - The Access Protection and Security Driving Instructions
Chapter 2 - Protecting Your Database with Startup Options
Chapter 3 - Using Database Options and Attributes to Protect Data and Objects
Chapter 4 - Providing a Solid Foundation with Good Programming Practices
Chapter 5 - Backing up and Recovering Your Databases
Chapter 6 - User and Object Surveillance
Chapter 7 - Protecting Your Database with Menus and Toolbars
Chapter 8 - Developer Workgroup Security
Chapter 9 - Security Concerns, Encryption, and Database Passwords
Chapter 10 - Securing Data with Workgroup Security
Chapter 11 - Object Protection and Security Measures
Chapter 12 - Protecting and Securing Your Database with the Operating System
Appendix A - Specific Access Security Information
Appendix B - Registering the Access Workbench
Appendix C - Why Migrate From Access to SQL Server?
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Microsoft Access is the most popular desktop database in the world today and its very popularity means that its security measures can be easily compromised. Real World Microsoft Access Database Security takes a different approach to all the other Access books in the market in that it focuses from the start on all the issues that will help protect your database. The book approaches protection and security from a task-by-task perspective and provides detail on all the little things that when put together will make your database more secure. This will achieve things like keep your staff from looking at your salary tables, stopping your customers from looking at the design of your software that you distribute and helping you decide which security options are worth doing and which generally a waste of your time.

The book has an IT manager's overview on all topics so that managers can assess the risk of different strategies. Where the topics are at an administrator's level, the book provides a visual step-by-step guide to implementing and undoing the settings. Finally, as Garry is very experienced in writing for developers, the book goes into the detail of programming all types of security issues such as hiding tables as system tables, producing databases that password cracker software cannot crack (easily), backing up databases, menus , queries and even user surveillance.

About the Author

Garry Robinson got started in software development two decades ago, after completing a Masters Degree in Three-Dimensional Mapping. From there, he ran a small team of programmers that developed customized software for a mining company by using programming tools such as Fortran, Informix, and Microsoft Access. For the past eight years , he's headed his own software consultancy business, GR-FX Pty Limited, and has been involved in developing and supporting more than 100 Access applications for more than 30 organizations. Garry's clients include mining, insurance, and transport businesses, and quite a number of his jobs are assisting other Access programmers who are working for their own clients . Garry is a contributing editor to Pinnacle Publishing's monthly Smart Access newsletter and is an editor of the popular programming Web site He develops and sells Access database shareware software for database administration, graphical data mining, and toolkits for developers.