iMovie HD iDVD 5: The Missing Manual

book cover
iMovie HD & iDVD 5: The Missing Manual
By David Pogue
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: April 2005
ISBN: 0-596-10033-7
Pages: 528

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The latest versions of iMovie HD and iDVD 5 are, by far, the most robust moviemaking applications available to consumers today. But whether you're a professional or an amateur moviemaker eager to take advantage of the full capabilities of these applications, don't count on Apple documentation to make the cut. You need iMovie HD & iDVD 5: The Missing Manual , the objective authority on iMovie HD and iDVD 5.

Even if you own a previous version of iMovie, the new feature-rich iMovie HD may well be impossible to resist. This video editing program now enables users to capture and edit widescreen High Definition Video (HDV) from the new generation of HDV camcorders, along with standard DV and the MPEG-4 video format. iMovie HD also includes "Magic iMovie" for making finished movies automatically. The feature does everything in one step--imports video into separate clips and adds titles, transitions, and music. The finished video is then ready for iDVD 5, which now includes 15 new themes with animated drop zones that can display video clips across DVD menus , just like the latest Hollywood DVDs.

This witty and entertaining guide from celebrated author David Pogue not only details every step of iMovie HD video production--from choosing and using a digital camcorder to burning the finished work onto DVDs--but provides a firm grounding in basic film technique so that the quality of a video won't rely entirely on magic.

iMovie HD & iDVD 5: The Missing Manual includes expert techniques and tricks for:

  • Capturing quality footage (including tips on composition, lighting, and even special-event filming )

  • Building your movie track, incorporating transitions and special effects, and adding narration, music, and sound

  • Working with picture files and QuickTime movies

  • Reaching your intended audience by exporting to tape, transferring iMovie to QuickTime, burning QuickTime-Movie CDs, and putting movies on the Web (and even on your cell phone!)

  • Using iDVD 5 to stylize and burn your DVD creation

iMovie HD & iDVD 5: The Missing Manual --it's your moviemaking-made-easy guide.

book cover
iMovie HD & iDVD 5: The Missing Manual
By David  Pogue
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: April 2005
ISBN: 0-596-10033-7
Pages: 528

Table of Contents    Index

      The Missing Credits
        About the Authors
        About the Creative Team
        The Missing Manual Series
        Meet iMovie HD
        What's New in iMovie HD
        About This Book
        The Very Basics
      Part I:   Capturing DV Footage
          Chapter 1.   The DV Camcorder
        Section 1.1.   Meet Digital Video
        Section 1.2.   Buying a DV Camcorder
          Chapter 2.   Turning Home Video into Pro Video
        Section 2.1.   Film vs.Videotape
        Section 2.2.   Film-Technique Crash Course
        Section 2.3.   Get the Shot
        Section 2.4.   Replace the Microphone
        Section 2.5.   Limit Zooming and Panning
        Section 2.6.   Keep the Camera Steady
        Section 2.7.   Video Lighting: A Crash Course
        Section 2.8.   Keep It in Focus
        Section 2.9.   Video Composition: A Crash Course
          Chapter 3.   Special Event Filming
        Section 3.1.   Interviews
        Section 3.2.   Music Videos
        Section 3.3.   Live Stage Performances
        Section 3.4.   Speeches
        Section 3.5.   Sports
        Section 3.6.   Photos and Old Movies
        Section 3.7.   Weddings
        Section 3.8.   Actual Scripted Films
      Part II:   Editing in iMovie
          Chapter 4.   Camcorder Meets Mac
        Section 4.1.   iMovie HD: The Application
        Section 4.2.   Connecting to FireWire
        Section 4.3.   Getting into iMovie
        Section 4.4.   Importing Camcorder Footage
        Section 4.5.   Four Special Cases: iSight, HDV, USB, and Live Recording
        Section 4.6.   Magic iMovie
        Section 4.7.   Managing Project Files
        Section 4.8.   Converting Older Projects
        Section 4.9.   How iMovie Organizes Its Files
        Section 4.10.   Importing Footage from Non-DV Tapes
          Chapter 5.   Building the Movie
        Section 5.1.   Navigating Your Clips
        Section 5.2.   Undo, Revert, and Other Safety Nets
        Section 5.3.   The Project Trash
        Section 5.4.   Shortening Clips by Dragging
        Section 5.5.   Three Ways to Trim a Clip
        Section 5.6.   Splitting a Clip
        Section 5.7.   The Movie Track: Your Storyboard
        Section 5.8.   Tricks of the Timeline Viewer
        Section 5.9.   Playing the Movie Track
        Section 5.10.   Full-Screen Playback Mode
          Chapter 6.   Transitions and Effects
        Section 6.1.   About Transitions
        Section 6.2.   When Not to Use Transitions
        Section 6.3.   Creating a Transition
        Section 6.4.   Transitions: The iMovie Catalog
        Section 6.5.   Downloading More Transition Choices
        Section 6.6.   The Effects Pane
        Section 6.7.   Effects: The iMovie Catalog
        Section 6.8.   Installing More Effects
          Chapter 7.   Titles, Captions, and Credits
        Section 7.1.   Setting Up a Title
        Section 7.2.   Inserting and Rendering a Title
        Section 7.3.   The iMovie Titles Catalog
          Chapter 8.   Narration, Music, and Sound
        Section 8.1.   The Two iMovie Soundtracks
        Section 8.2.   Audio Clips
        Section 8.3.   Recording Narration
        Section 8.4.   Importing iTunes Music
        Section 8.5.   CD Music
        Section 8.6.   Sound Effects
        Section 8.7.   Editing Audio Clips
        Section 8.8.   Overlaying Video over Sound
        Section 8.9.   Extracting Audio from Video
          Chapter 9.   Still Pictures and QuickTime Movies
        Section 9.1.   Importing Still Images
        Section 9.2.   The Dimensions of an iMovie Photo
        Section 9.3.   The Ken Burns Effect
        Section 9.4.   Still Images as Titles
        Section 9.5.   Creating Still Images from Footage
        Section 9.6.   Importing QuickTime Movies
          Chapter 10.   Professional Editing Techniques
        Section 10.1.   The Power of Editing
        Section 10.2.   Popular Editing Techniques
      Part III:   Finding Your Audience
          Chapter 11.   Back to the Camcorder
        Section 11.1.   Why Export to Tape
        Section 11.2.   Transferring Footage to the Camcorder or VCR
        Section 11.3.   Notes on DV Tapes
          Chapter 12.   From iMovie to QuickTime
        Section 12.1.   Saving a QuickTime Movie
        Section 12.2.   Understanding QuickTime
        Section 12.3.   The Share Presets: What They Mean
        Section 12.4.   The Expert Settings
        Section 12.5.   The Video Codecs: A Catalog
        Section 12.6.   Burning QuickTime Movie CDs
          Chapter 13.   Movies on the Web and On the Phone
        Section 13.1.   Make the Big Screen Tiny
        Section 13.2.   Posting to Your .Mac Account
        Section 13.3.   Posting a Movie on Your Own Web Site
        Section 13.4.   Optimizing Online Movies
        Section 13.5.   Movies on Your Phone
          Chapter 14.   QuickTime Player
        Section 14.1.   QuickTime Player (Free Version)
        Section 14.2.   QuickTime Player Pro
        Section 14.3.   Advanced QuickTime Pro: Track Tricks
      Part IV:   iDVD 5
          Chapter 15.   From iMovie to iDVD
        Section 15.1.   Why iDVD?
        Section 15.2.   What You're in For
        Section 15.3.   Phase 1: Prepare Your Video
        Section 15.4.   Phase 2: Insert Chapter Markers
        Section 15.5.   Phase 3: Hand Off to iDVD
        Section 15.6.   Phase 4: Design the Menu Screen
        Section 15.7.   Phase 5: Burning Your DVD
        Section 15.8.   OneStep DVDs
          Chapter 16.   iDVD Projects by Hand
        Section 16.1.   Building iDVDs
        Section 16.2.   Creating a New Project
        Section 16.3.   Adding Movies
        Section 16.4.   Submenus ("Folders")
        Section 16.5.   The DVD Mapand Autoplay
        Section 16.6.   DVD Slideshows
          Chapter 17.   Designing iDVD Themes
        Section 17.1.   iDVD's Built-in Themes
        Section 17.2.   Button Styles
        Section 17.3.   Editing and Positioning Text
        Section 17.4.   Changing Backgrounds
        Section 17.5.   Choosing Menu Audio
        Section 17.6.   Saving Favorites
        Section 17.7.   Buying Sound and Vision
          Chapter 18.   iDVD Secrets
        Section 18.1.   iDVDThe DVD-ROM Maker
        Section 18.2.   Project Info
        Section 18.3.   Uncover Your DVD Project File
        Section 18.4.   AppleScripting iDVD
        Section 18.5.   Modifying iDVD Itself
        Section 18.6.   Archiving Your Project
        Section 18.7.   Disk Images and External DVD Burners
        Section 18.8.   Professional Duplicating
      Part V:   Appendixes
          Chapter A.   iMovie HD, Menu by Menu
        Section A.1.   iMovie Menu
        Section A.2.   File Menu
        Section A.3.   Edit Menu
        Section A.4.   View Menu
        Section A.5.   Markers Menu
        Section A.6.   Advanced Menu
        Section A.7.   Window Menu
        Section A.8.   Help Menu
          Chapter B.   Troubleshooting
        Section B.1.   Two Golden Rules
        Section B.2.   General iMovie Troubleshooting
        Section B.3.   Starting Up and Importing
        Section B.4.   Title Trouble
        Section B.5.   Photo Problems
        Section B.6.   Problems Editing
        Section B.7.   Exporting Troubles
        Section B.8.   DVD Problems
        Section B.9.   Project Corruption
        Section B.10.   Problems with Sound
        Section B.11.   Where to Get Help Online
          Chapter C.   Master Keyboard Shortcut List
        Section C.1.   Navigation
        Section C.2.   Timeline Viewer Editing
        Section C.3.   Titles, Effects, Transitions
        Section C.4.   Trash
        Section C.5.   Project Files
        Section C.6.   Clips Pane
        Section C.7.   Still Photos
        Section C.8.   General Editing
        Section C.9.   Audio Editing
        Section C.10.   General iMovie Functions