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Just as Eclipse is one of the greatest breakthroughs in programming since the graphical user interface, this book may be the greatest breakthrough you will experience in learning a new programming environment. The systematic, step-by-step approach will get you started in the least amount of time possible, and will give you a tremendous foundation to propel you into the future of programming.

If you have any programming experience at all, this book will teach you how to use Eclipse in the most effective way, systematically guiding you through each screen, telling you what to type, which buttons to push, and walking you through building your first application in Eclipse. Where you go from there is up to you!

You will be able to use this book even if your only knowledge of Java is how to spell it. However, that doesn t mean that Java programmers can t benefit! Even experienced developers can make use of this book, since it covers three areas that are of crucial interest these days: Eclipse, IBM s Software Widget Toolkit (the SWT), and JDBC. If you ve wanted to see a working application using any of those technologies, then this book is for you.

Each step has a checklist of tasks to perform, and each task is documented with screen shots and editorial comments. Nothing is assumed, nothing left to your imagination . There is no magic in programming, except maybe knowing where to start, and that s where this book comes in. Once you ve finished it, you will understand the subjects well enough to continue learning more on your own.

Written for applications developers on all levels, this book will teach you:

  • How to use the new Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and IBM s Software Widget Toolkit (SWT) and JDBC
  • How to create complete functioning applications with Eclipse
  • Where to get the software, how to install it, how to configure it
  • Options you will use in real programming to be instantly productive in Eclipse,
  • What steps you need to take to create a program or modify an existing program

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Joe Pluta has designed distributed architectures for the midrange platform for over twenty years . Joe s company, Pluta Brothers Design, develops tools that allow iSeries users to incorporate emerging technologies seamlessly into their legacy systems, providing a direct path to new architectures. Joe moderates the JAVA400-L mailing list and is a member of IBM s JTOpen Core Team. He is also a regular participant in mailing lists and newsgroups on a wide range of topics surrounding the iSeries platform and Java in general.

Eclipse •Step by Step

Joe Pluta

A Practical Guide to Becoming Proficient in Eclipse

Joe Pluta

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To my wife, Lisa, the only constant in my Universe ”and the only person who knows what FTL means to me.


Once again, I've learned that writing a book is a process, not an act ”a long process.

Also, I've learned that I am absolutely , certifiably insane, but of course many of you already knew that. However, I can now point to the following adage: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. In this particular case, this is my second book, and somehow I expected the process to be different. Man, was I wrong.

Writing a book is about having an idea and wanting to express it, and finding out along the way that the "it" that you want to express is changing, and so are you. Unlike a column or an article, which can be written in a span of hours or days, a book is a labor of months or years , and during that time many things change, and so too, must the book.

This is even truer of a book such as this, which is based on a technology, and a new technology at that. And while I want to thank the creators of Eclipse (which is the point of this rather lengthy acknowledgment), I also want to beat them with sticks for the very thing that sets them apart ”their unstinting desire to move the product forward and evolve it at breakneck speed.

This evolution is the thing that will make Eclipse and its underlying technologies successful, but it plays havoc on a writer. Even so, I want to thank the Eclipse team, for their unflagging effort, and the greater Eclipse community, for their willingness to answer even the "newbiest" of questions. I want to thank IBM for making this technology public, and I want to thank the third-party developers for embracing and extending the platform in a way I don't think anyone envisioned .

I'd like to thank David Gibbs, the often unsung hero of Midrange.Com, the man who was willing to take on the challenge of reviewing this book. And while he freely admits that he enjoyed taking potshots at the book, his input was invaluable in shaping what you read. Consistency must be attributed to him, lack of it to me.

And, as always, I need to thank Merrikay Lee of MC Press for encouraging me to take on this most daunting and exhilarating of challenges yet again.