Flash 8: The Missing Manual

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Flash 8: The Missing Manual
By Emily A. Vander Veer
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: March 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-596-10137-6
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-59-610137-4
Pages: 460

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Macromedia's Flash 8 is the world's premier program for adding animation to websites . And with the latest version, this popular program becomes more versatile, letting beginning webmasters and expert developers alike create sophisticated web content. But Flash isn't intuitive. And it doesn't come with a manual. Whether you want to learn the basics or unleash the program's true power, Flash 8: The Missing Manual is the ideal instructor.

This hands-on guide to today's hottest web design tool is aimed at nondevelopers, and it teaches you how to translate your ideas into great web content.

It begins with a solid primer on animation, which helps you get comfortable with the Flash interface. Once you have these basics under your belt, Flash 8: The Missing Manual moves on to advanced animations, including adding special effects and audio, video, and interactivity to your presentations. When you're really feeling steady, the book shows how to use a dollop of ActionScript to customize your content. It then teaches you how to publish your Flash creations for web surfers everywhere to enjoy. Along the way, the book shows you good design principles and helps you avoid elements that can distract or annoy an audience.

Author Emily Vander Veer has more than a dozen books to her credit, including titles on web design and scripting--most written for non-technical readers. Her background makes her the perfect author for a straightforward book on a complex subject. She takes Flash 8: The Missing Manual from the basics to the advanced, yet avoids a hasty jump into tough topics that can leave readers confused .

Not only will Flash 8: The Missing Manual help you turn a concept into unique, dynamic content, but it will continue to serve as a reference as you develop your website.

book cover
Flash 8: The Missing Manual
By Emily A.  Vander Veer
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: March 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-596-10137-6
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-59-610137-4
Pages: 460

Table of Contents    Index

      The Missing Credits
        About the Author
        About the Creative Team
        The Missing Manual Series
        The Two Flavors of Flash 8
        What's New in Flash 8
        Anatomy of an Animation
        Flash in a Nutshell
        The Very Basics
        About This Book
        About MissingManuals.com
        Safari Enabled
      Part I:   Creating a Flash Animation
            Chapter 1.   Getting Around Flash
        Section 1.1.   Starting Flash
        Section 1.2.   A Tour of the Flash Desktop
        Section 1.3.   Toolbars
        Section 1.4.   Panels
        Section 1.5.   The Timeline
        Section 1.6.   The Flash 8 Test Drive
        Section 1.7.   Opening a Flash File
            Chapter 2.   Creating Simple Drawings
        Section 2.1.   Planning Pays Off
        Section 2.2.   Preparing to Draw
        Section 2.3.   Creating Original Artwork
        Section 2.4.   Copying and Pasting Drawn Objects
        Section 2.5.   Adding Color
            Chapter 3.   Animating Your Drawings
        Section 3.1.   Frame-by-Frame Animation
        Section 3.2.   Adding Layers to Your Animation
        Section 3.3.   Animating Automatically (Tweening)
      Part II:   Advanced Drawing and Animation
            Chapter 4.   Organizing Frames and Layers
        Section 4.1.   Working with Frames
        Section 4.2.   Adding Content to Multiple Layers
        Section 4.3.   Viewing Layers
        Section 4.4.   Working with Layers
        Section 4.5.   Organizing Layers
            Chapter 5.   Advanced Drawing and Coloring
        Section 5.1.   Selecting Graphic Elements
        Section 5.2.   Manipulating Graphic Elements
        Section 5.3.   Adding Text to Your Drawing
        Section 5.4.   Advanced Color and Fills
        Section 5.5.   Creating Custom Colors
        Section 5.6.   Saving Color Swatches
        Section 5.7.   Importing a Custom Color Palette
        Section 5.8.   Copying Color with the Eyedropper
            Chapter 6.   Adding Special Effects
        Section 6.1.   Built-in Timeline Effects
        Section 6.2.   Spotlight Effect Using Mask Layers
            Chapter 7.   Reusable Flash: Symbols and Templates
        Section 7.1.   Symbols and Instances
        Section 7.2.   Templates
            Chapter 8.   Incorporating Non-Flash Media Files
        Section 8.1.   Incorporating Graphics
        Section 8.2.   Incorporating Sound
        Section 8.3.   Incorporating Video
      Part III:   Adding Interactivity
            Chapter 9.   Automating Flash with ActionScript
        Section 9.1.   How ActionScript Works
        Section 9.2.   Adding an Action
        Section 9.3.   Adding a Prebuilt Behavior
            Chapter 10.   Controlling Animation
        Section 10.1.   Slowing Down (or Speeding Up) Animation
        Section 10.2.   Organizing an Animation
        Section 10.3.   Looping a Series of Frames
        Section 10.4.   Reversing a Series of Frames
            Chapter 11.   Interacting with Your Audience
        Section 11.1.   Dynamic Text
        Section 11.2.   Input Text
        Section 11.3.   Tying Actions to Events
            Chapter 12.   Components for Interactivity
        Section 12.1.   The Built-in Components
        Section 12.2.   Adding Components
        Section 12.3.   Customizing Components
        Section 12.4.   Finding Additional Components
      Part IV:   Delivering Your Animation to Its Audience
            Chapter 13.   Testing and Debugging
        Section 13.1.   Testing Strategies
        Section 13.2.   Testing on the Stage
        Section 13.3.   Testing in Flash Player
        Section 13.4.   Testing Inside a Web Page
        Section 13.5.   Testing Download Time
        Section 13.6.   The Art of Debugging
            Chapter 14.   Publishing and Exporting
        Section 14.1.   Optimizing Flash Documents
        Section 14.2.   Publishing Your Animations
        Section 14.3.   Exporting Flash to Other Formats
      Part V:   Appendix
            Appendix A.   Installation and Help
        Section A.1.   Installing and Activating Flash 8
        Section A.2.   Getting Help from Flash
        Section A.3.   Getting Help from Adobe
        Section A.4.   Finding Flash Gurus