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extreme exploits: advanced defenses against hardcore hacks
Extreme Exploits: Advanced Defenses Against Hardcore Hacks
by Victor Oppleman, Oliver Friedrichs and Brett Watson  
McGraw-Hill/Osborne 2005 (448 pages)

Protect your network and web site from malicious attacks! Packed with advanced security techniques and instructions, this cutting-edge guide explains how to defend against devastating vulnerabilities in software and network infrastructures .


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Protect your network and web sites from malicious attacks with help from this cutting-edge guide. Extreme Exploits is packed with never-before-published advanced security techniques and concise instructions that explain how to defend against devastating vulnerabilities in software and network infrastructure. This book gives you detailed analyses of modern threats and their solutions along with checklists for developing defenses. Youll also be introduced to a winning methodology for custom vulnerability assessments including attack profiling and the theatre of war concept. Through in-depth explanations of underlying technologies, youll learn to prepare your network and software from threats that dont yet exist. This is a must-read volume for anyone responsible for network security.

  • Secure your critical domain name system (DNS) infrastructure
  • Ensure reliable Internet connectivity amidst a myriad of attacks
  • Implement effective intrusion detection and prevention technologies
  • Prevent e-mail abuse using advanced filtering, encryption, and other methods
  • Stop data theft and egress exploitation by altering packet filtering rules
  • Defend against viruses, worms, bots, Trojans, and other malicious code
  • Use IP sinkholes and backscatter analysis to trap and gain knowledge from scanning and infiltration attempts
  • Secure wireless networks using a variety of technologies
  • Create a customized vulnerability assessment methodology for your organization
  • Use proven digital forensics techniques to investigate attacks
  • Learn to protect your software from little-known vulnerabilities

About the Authors

Victor Oppleman Victor Oppleman is an accomplished author, speaker, and teacher in the field of network security and a specialized consultant to some of the world's most admired companies. Mr. Oppleman's open source software has been distributed to hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide and some is used in graduate-level college curricula to demonstrate advanced networking techniques. Early in his career as an engineer, Mr. Oppleman developed portions of the backbone systems infrastructure for Genuity, the first Internet data center company. Later, as a senior architect for BBN and GTE Internetworking, Mr. Oppleman developed security- related products and services centered on public key infrastructure (PKI). A great deal of Mr. Oppleman's professional career has been dedicated to tactical engineering and consulting for global telecom operators and critical infrastructure organizations in industries such as power and water, financial services, and defense. Some of the largest global companies frequently call upon Mr. Oppleman to perform advanced vulnerability assessments, provide expert counsel, and navigate complex regulatory issues concerning information security. An accomplished executive and engineer in network security, data hosting services, and software development, Mr. Oppleman also holds U.S. intellectual property patents in distributed adaptive routing and wireless consumer applications.

Oliver Friedrichs Oliver Friedrichs is a Senior Manager in Symantec Security Response, the organization responsible for the delivery of antivirus definitions, intrusion detection updates, and early warning technologies within Symantec. He served as co-founder and Director of Engineering at SecurityFocus until the company's acquisition by Symantec in 2002. At SecurityFocus Mr. Friedrichs managed the development of the industry's first early warning technology for Internet attacks, the DeepSight Threat Management System. Mr. Friedrichs also created and grew the DeepSight Threat Analyst team, providing thorough analysis of emerging Internet threats.

Mr. Friedrichs has over 13 years of expertise in security technologies, including network assessment, intrusion detection systems, firewalls, penetration testing, and honeypots. As a frequent speaker, he has shared his expertise with many of the world's most powerful organizations, including the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Secret Service, the IRS, the DOD, NASA, AFOSI, and the Canadian DND.

Brett Watson Brett Watson has 17 years experience in network architecture and security, including large-scale IP networking, optical networking, and security and vulnerability assessments. Mr. Watson currently works for Internet Systems Consortium's DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Center (DNS OARC) doing macroscopic analysis of global DNS behavior. Prior to joining ISC, Mr. Watson helped deploy and maintain the original MCI and Genuity IP backbones, and designed the first metropolitan IP-over-Gigibit Ethernet product for Metromedia Fiber Networks. Mr. Watson has spent the last several years performing custom network and vulnerability assessments, and consulting on information security issues for some of the largest healthcare, water, and power industries in the United States. In addition, Mr. Watson holds a patent for one of the first large-scale, content distribution platforms known as Hopscotch.