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e-learning's greatest hits
E-Learning's Greatest Hits
by Clive Shepherd  ISBN:0954590406
Above and Beyond © 2003 (189 pages)

This resource defines e-learning, discusses its advantages, suggests ways to make the best of e-learning, the infrastructure necessary to support it, how to integrate it into our learning strategy, and much more.

Table of Contents
E-learning’s Greatest Hits
Part I - Management
Making E-Learning Work
All The Online Courses – Where Do They All Come From?
Endgame—Encouraging Completion In E-Learning
In Search Of The Perfect E-Learning Buyer
Somewhere, A Place To Learn
The Quest For Quality
Part II - Skills
The Classroom Trainer In The Online World
Skilling Up – Learning About E-Learning
In Search Of The Perfect E-Tutor
Training the E-Trainer
Part III - Technologies
A Day In The Life Of A Learning Management System
Making The Case For Content
M Is For Maybe
E-Labs – The Great Experiment
Hosting The E-Learning Party
When Training Won’t Work – The Case For Electronic Performance Support
Content Builders – Tools For E-Learning Authors
Becoming An Online Media Mogul
Learning Swap Shop
Part IV - Design and Development
In Search Of The Perfect E-Learner
Engineering E-Learning
Games E-Learners Play
Objects Of Interest
The End Of The Course As We Know It
Open Access – Your Flexible Friend
Speaking In Tongues
Checking Out – Assessing Learning Online
Part V - In Conclusion
Back To Basics
E-Learning Glossary
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Case Studies
List of Sidebars

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The term “e-learning” is relatively new, coined as it was in the late 1990s, at the height of the dotcom frenzy. You might believe that it’s far too early in e-learning’s history to be talking of greatest hits (you may even doubt it’s had any hits at all) but, if celebrities can publish their biographies when they are still in their mid-twenties, then we are in good company.

This book is a compilation of articles written over the past three years by Clive Shepherd for IT Training magazine. Each chapter examines an important aspect of e-learning, with the uninitiated reader in mind, but with a depth of critical analysis that will appeal to seasoned campaigners.

About the Author

Clive Shepherd is one of the UK’s foremost authorities on online learning. He developed his interest in interactive media at American Express in the early eighties, where he was Director, Training and Creative Services. He moved on to become a founding Director of Europe’s foremost-bespoke content developer, Epic Group plc. Since 1997, Clive has consulted on e-learning with many major public and private sector organisations. He is a frequent contributor to training publications and speaks regularly at industry conferences and seminars.

E-learning’s Greatest Hits

Clive Shepherd

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