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Quick! Show Me Your Value
by Theresa Seagraves   ISBN:1562863657
ASTD © 2004 (256 pages)

Trainers and other workplace learning and performance professionals can learn to confidently communicate their true value at the most senior levels of an organization with the help of this powerful book.

Table of Contents
Quick! Show Me Your Value
Part I - Identifying Value
Chapter 1 - The Golden Key¢¬Finance
Chapter 2 - Decoding Value
Chapter 3 - An Overview of What an Organization Will Value
Chapter 4 - Profit
Chapter 5 - Position
Chapter 6 - Cash
Chapter 7 - Business Intelligence: Researching What an Organization Will Value
Part II - Positioning, Delivering, and Measuring Value
Chapter 8 - What Have You Done for Me Lately?
Chapter 9 - The Financial Imperatives Scorecard
Chapter 10 - Value and the Levels of Evaluation
Part III - Communicating Value
Chapter 11 - Building Your Context Plan
Chapter 12 - Your Communication Base: Value Themes
Chapter 13 - Creating Financial Value Statements
Chapter 14 - Putting It All Together
Chapter 15 - Conclusion: The Courage to Begin
Glossary of - Terms
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Trainers and other workplace learning and performance professionals have long sought a seat at the executive table. But getting this powerful seat has always been an illusive goal.

Quick! Show Me Your Value is the first book designed specifically to help these professionals confidently communicate their true value at the most senior levels of an organization. By understanding how financial leaders at all levels of an organization think, learning and performance professional are liberated from the ‚“monster of fear ‚½ of talking with these leaders and given new avenues for respect and inclusion in organizational decision-making.

Readers will take this journey to financial literacy by following a series of ‚“signposts ‚½ that directly relate the concepts presented to the day-to-day work of all trainers and workplace learning and performance professionals. These signposts include bulleted ‚“In This Chapter ‚½ lists of key points, ‚“Here ‚ s the Point ‚½ icons that explain why the concept matters to the reader, highlighted ‚“Glossary ‚½ terms (linked directly to a extensive glossary at the end of the book), and end of chapter summaries for quick review. In addition, a recurring fictional case study is used to explain the application of the value-building guidance provided by the author.

About the Author

With more than 18 years of experience working in workforce development, career development, total quality management, information systems, and high technology, Theresa Seagraves became a recognized leader at Hewlett-Packard for creating innovative, world-class data and people-development systems.

In 2001, Theresa established her own consulting company, Theresa L. Seagraves & Associates (TLSA). Theresa works full time consulting with clients on ROI evaluations, conducting ROI studies, and coaching organizations and individuals in aligning and communicating their financial value. Theresa has filed for a U.S. patent for software that tracks ROI, penetration, sustainability, and best practices gained from workplace learning and performance initiatives.

Theresa has written newsletters on personal success as well as case studies on ROI and creation of training scorecards.